We create effective artwork that ensures the product stands out at point of sale.

Re-Issues – Our speciality is in catalogue. We enjoy bringing a creative touch to the re-issue market. Our designs are sympathetic to the original releases and genres. Always striving to go the extra mile, we search out original labels, foreign sleeves, fan club items etc to give the fans some recognition of the old, original, classic releases within the new revamped design.

New Releases – We are regularly asked to provide new artwork for a previously unreleased title. In addition to the booklets, packaging and the all important front cover, we also provide much of the display promotional artwork for the release. THis includes advertising for magazines, online marketing and the One Sheet for sales / promo.

Product Ranges – From concept to completion. We provide a clear identity and consistency for a range whilst ensuring that each release is unique and stands on its own merits.

  • Single CDs
  • Double CDs
  • Digi Paks
  • Box Sets
  • Special Projects


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